About Me

Josh Purnell

I’ve been working in media since before I even knew what that meant—actually, since before I was even working. My entire life, I’ve had a strong bent toward effective communication, and perhaps an even stronger sense of when it’s not effective. Creative messaging has played a vital role in my personal and professional life, and it’s something I strive to be better at every day.

Back when I started my first band, after countless hours spent practicing guitar and tweaking songs for the benefit of only me, I was amazed to feel the rush that came from interacting with a live audience. I was fascinated by the way a subtle change in the message could elicit a totally different response. I decided that if there was a living to be made telling stories this way, that’s what I’d aim for.

I’m still waiting for that multi-million dollar record deal to roll in, but in the meantime, I’ve found my niche here in multimedia design. I started out making simple web pages, moved on to advanced design and development, and ultimately discovered a true passion for bringing all these elements together in dynamic video production.

My favorite part is still the fact that there are virtually unlimited ways to present a message using motion and sound. When good storytelling comes together with seamless camera work, creative visual and graphic elements, and clear audio, it’s nothing short of magic.

Take a look around the site at some examples of my work over the years. If you like what you see, feel free to send me your feedback—I sort of dig that, after all.

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